Friday, March 9, 2012

>Take Torch

"Take one of those torches in the wall. That'd be badass." - ViniVidiVici

That chest thinks it's got you beat.

Time to do some real damage, you gently place the end of the torch on the chest and-


In desperation you fling the chest into the small puddle of water. Luckily it's just enough to extinguish the flames. Lets see what the contents of the chest were and if they are salvageable.

Inside the chest there is two slightly charred books. The blue book with metal is called "Elder's Pantheon" and the brown book is called "The Wild Alliance's AGT". Alongside the books are a soggy piece of parchment, and a leather band with a pouch. When you took the pouch out of the chest, it felt like something was inside. The fact that the items are alittle bruised isn't what is bothering you, its the fact that somehow you're able to understand Common....Last time you checked that's never happened before, matter of fact how the shit did you know what Common even was!?

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