Friday, March 9, 2012

>Go back to sleep

"Go Back to Sleep" -98714123340

Okay so you know your a Kobold, but you seem to have forgotten that your basically a tiny little reptile, fire is like coffee for you little scamps. What with your cold blood and all. With those torches ablaze, by now its almost impossible to even try to go back to sleep, even if you wanna be a lazy turd.

"Hinzelmen" -AskaRay

However at the expense of not being able to slack off, you manage to be productive and muster your name.

Thats right! Hinzelmen was your name. Well now that, that problem is solved, just where the wild world of sports are you?

This cave doesn't seem familiar to you. Though it looks like someone was kind enough to leave you afew items strewn about a wooden table with a broken leg in the far left corner of the room. A chest, afew stray Outhlin coins, and a bubbling blue liquid in a glass flask present themselves to you.

Glancing at where you once slept, you notice a gutted rat, wasn't that sweet? Whoever brought you in this room also wanted to give you breakfast in bed. Just behind the grass bed is what appears to be a small clay object.

Your Kobold instincts kick in, the desire to filch, nick, pocket, wisk, steal anything you deem interesting starts to arise in you like a bad itch on the inner thigh of a orcish prostitute. But where to start first?

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