Friday, March 9, 2012

>Get Gold

"take the coins first, they are the shiniest thing in the room. after that take the potion, then clay pot, then dead rat.

is the chest unlocked?" - siguard

"money gold money gold money gold money gold money gold money gold" -Solaris

Holy shit are those actual Outlins!?

Holy fuck they are!

You we're just kidding yourself thinking that these coins would actually be Outhlins, but the real deal is now in your pointy little fingers. Outhlins are what the four ruling alliances outside of your homebase use for currency. At home you just used the skulls of rats you ate. Well lookit you Daddy Warbucks, you got yourself atleast eight of these badboys. You better keep these hidden you could use em for leverage with other Kobolds, if you find any.

You then grab the potion, you take a whiff of the top of the flask with your tongue, but are unable to determine what liquid this flask holds. You decide to just hold onto it for now.

Don't stop now keep going!

Hey look a dead rat. The Kobold's go-to snack for all your hunger needs.

Oh wait so much for breakfast, someone beat you to the punch and took out all the organs already. All thats left if some leftover blood and disappointment as your stomach rumbles. Well you may as well take it anyway, you could use the skull for currency.

Hey check out that pot...Wow that is one crappy looking clay pot...

And it's your crappy clay pot, because this is the first thing you ever stole! A huge milestone in the life of a Kobold. You remember the shrill cries of that Drakekin boy as you ripped the pot right out of his hands and ran out the window of that school. That boy's father was mighty pissed off especially when he started breathing fire out of his mouth. But you felt like such a badass that day, you showed it off to all the hatchlings and they though you we're the greatest thing since clean water. Whenever you feel like your entering a dark place in your life, there no grander feeling of comfort and joy then caressing your good luck pot. Something tell you your going to need all the good luck you can get so you decide to take it with you.

You walk back to the table and notice the chest as it tantalizes you with the lure of goodies and trinkets unknown. You try to open the lid but the chest is locked. Well thats just plain disheartening.

"Take the table leg. Be the swordsman." -Sparkly Young Upstart

You're so ready to fuck shit up now.

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